How to Migrate from Denari Online to Virtuous

Congratulations on the migration from Denari Online to Virtuous!  It sounds like some great changes are happening and we want to support you in this fantastic migration.  As a part of our service to you, we have implemented Virtuous into our platform.  You can add it under Streams and all you need is your login information.

Here is how you would go about it:

  1. Click the Gear Icon in the top right of the CMS
  2. Click Streams
  3. Select Virtuous and give it a specific Description that identifies your account
  4. Click Create

And you're done!  You can freely remove "Denari" from your Streams if you no longer have any use for it.

Please Note

The information in Denari Online, as you probably know, was extremely inconsistent.  This means that when adding a new Stream there will probably be duplicate entries for supporters and gifts. We do our best to try and reconcile these entries, but the duplication is inevitable.

We have also notified Virtuous of a bug in their API in the rare event where single donor supports support many people within the same organization.  When this donor gives a single gift and splits it among various people it will show up as the full amount in the API (which is what we consume to provide our services).  This should be fixed soon hopefully.


Thank you for using PDM Rhino and we look forward to seeing what you do this next year!

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