How to import data from TNTMPD

If you would like to import data from a TNTMPD server you can do so by following this process:

  1. Log into your Control Panel
  2. Click the Settings gear.
  3. Click Streams
  4. Select TNTMPD
  5. Enter your login information for TNTMPD*
  6. Click Link

When you link your account it will place your information into the processing queue. After a few minutes it will have imported all your giving information from TNTMPD This may take longer depending on the amount of giving history in your account.

* Your login information consists of three components: 

  • Username: This is either a username or email address
  • Password: Password for TNTMPD server given to you by your organization
  • URL: This url is the location of the TNTMPD data server. It will look something like We have included a list of supported servers as provided from TNTMPD, but if yours is not listed there, then please enter your own custom URL.
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